License terms

We don’t have a very complicated license for you. However, there are some rules you need to keep in mind.

What is allowed?

  • All photos provided by GreenPhotoStock can be used to promote gardening, pets, decoration, DIY and related subjects. As long as your website, blog, social media, brochure, magazine or news article is about these subjects, no attribution is required.
  • If you do have a different subject you’re promoting you need to add a link to We always appreciate attribution by the way - it keeps this website up & running without costs!
  • You can crop and resize images but you can not edit colours or products. Our participants made sure the products are shown in the best possible way and you’re not allowed to change this.
  • You can use our photos on your website, blog, app social media and webshop. You can also use it in your magazine, flyers, in-store promotion and so on.
  • You are not allowed to sell or redistribute our photos on a website or via a digital database. So if you want to share our photos, just refer people to our website.
  • You’ll never ever get ownership of the photos you download and you can not act as if you would be the owner.
  • Don't imply endorsement of your product by people or brands on the imagery.
  • Don’t use our photos to promote similar products. If you use a photo of a specific product in a promotional way, be sure you have that product available!
  • We don’t accept liability for anything. Just never, no exceptions.

Apart from that, it’s all common sense and have fun!