Header image Green Photostock
Header image Green Photostock

About GreenPhotoStock

Free to use photos directly from garden retail suppliers.

For whom is Green Photo Stock intended?

Green Photo Stock has an extensive database of stock photos, provided by suppliers to the garden industry. Photos may be used by anyone in the industry, including media, blogs, webshops, websites, retailers and wholesalers. However, you’re not allowed to re-distribute photos via your own platform or to sell photos. 

What does Green Photo Stock offer?

We offer an up-to-date range of photos of plants and hardware for home and garden. 

Who is  Green Photo Stock?

Green Photo Stock was originally founded by Ter Steege, Rijsen (Netherlands). It started with collaboration during photoshoots and tradeshows and it eventually led to the development of Green Photo Stock. 

Today, many suppliers work together with Garden Connect, a leading online marketing agency in the garden industry, to provide you with the latest images. All free to use. 

Print quality request

You may request a photo in print quality. You will find this option after adding a photo to your download list.

Can I add my photos to Green Photo Stock?

We would welcome every supplier to the garden industry to join Green Photo Stock. Please contact us via info@greenphotostock.com for more information.


For any other questions, please e-mail info@greenphotostock.com.